Our Impact

At Manchester Young  Lives (MYL) we pride ourselves on helping who we can to bring lives back on track.
Below demonstrates some of the good work we do directly from the people we care about most.


Natasha Curley – Former MYL Student

I attended Manchester Young Lives  in 2002. It was called the Youth Education Project (YEP) at that time.

I joined as a pupil in year 10 and continued on to year 11 to sit my GCSE’s. Manchester Young Lives wasn’t just about enforcing education, they got to know you on a personal level and would often go that extra mile in trying to help assist you in family or personal matters.

I left high school because I lacked self confidence and didn’t feel settled due to moving house a few times over the years. I never made strong friendships, bonds, connections with my peers. I found it hard to communicate with the teachers and would shut myself down counting the hours until the school day had ended, some days I wouldn’t turn up for school.  When I first joined Manchester Young Lives (YEP) I still lacked confidence and felt uncomfortable. My memories of this time was how encouraging and supporting all the staff were in helping to make me feel settled and comfortable especially Anne Simmons. I managed to gain the skills needed with the help of the staff  to make good strong relationships and friendships with my peers and I have carried some of these friendships on still to this day. Manchester Young Lives give all young people an opportunity and a chance at education that maybe nowhere else could offer. I always felt encouraged and valued as a young person/pupil there.

Having not done very well with my GCSE’s I still received the support and reassurance from Manchester Young Lives to go on to continue with my education. I went on to college to gain a Level 2 qualification in Literacy and Numeracy. I also gained a Level 2 qualification in text processing and a legal secretaries qualification. I have currently just completed and passed the Level 2 supporting teaching and learning in schools with Manchester Adult Education service.

Manchester Young Lives helped me realise the importance of continuing to further my education and to try to better myself no matter what my situation may be. Everyone is deserving of a decent education.I think Manchester Young Lives is unique as the staff take the time to have a understanding of what young people may be going through. They are approachable and use/relate their own life experiences to support and encourage young People. The balance between authority and respect is spot on

I think it’s great to see that Manchester Young Lives is still having a positive impact on the local communities, giving all young people the chance to continue with their education and helping them gain the necessary skills needed to carry through to adulthood.

I am not sure what I would have done had Manchester Young Lives (YEP) not been available to me during my last teenage years of education. What I do know is that the project had a huge everlasting impact on my life choices and influenced me greatly to carry on with my education. My experience with Manchester Young lives also inspired me to work with young people who maybe at a disadvantage or in a similar situation as I was growing up. I want to be able to help and support young people to follow their dreams and achieve the goals they want to reach.

Manchester Young Lives are are supporting me in dong this by giving me the opportunity to come back as a volunteer to gain vital experience”.

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Toni Salinger, former Manchester Young Lives student

My name is Toni and I was lucky enough to get involved with the MYL at the age of 14. I was in year 10 and on a slippery slope to failing my GCSE’s which would have made my career prospects very limited.

When I first attended the Youth Education Project , it was clear from the outset that there was a real focus from the staff on making me feel relaxed and comfortable to open my mind to my true potential and realise that there was a path to employment that I could follow!

With this focus came confidence and an inner drive to make a better life for myself with the help of MYL. MYL is unique because of the people involved and the practical, accessible locations made available to attend the projects. There is a clear passion from all the team involved and I could not have asked for better advice and help to get me on the road to employment.

MYL has a very positive influence on local communities by giving young people like myself another way, another direction, and the opportunity to talk to other local people who may be seeking help with their lives and education. I myself heard about MYL through a friend who had also received help through their projects.

If MYL wasn’t available for me as a child I believe that I would not be in the position I am in today!

I am now in my 9th year at Chariot Office Supplies where I have further developed my skills, abilities and confidence to become a key member of the team. I am also now a very proud mum and home-owner and MYL has given me the desire to provide my own family with the support and guidance to ensure they don’t need rescuing as I did.

Thank you again for your great work and I wish you all the best with continuing to “provide another way for the youth of today!”

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Elaine Vickers, Centre Manager, The Addy Young People’s Centre

Elaine Vickers“After attending centres and sessions with my own children, I began volunteering on various play-schemes.

MYL has a lot of dedicated staff, and offered me the opportunity for the personal and professional development I wanted. I’ve been able to complete management qualifications, and now I have responsibility for play and youth sessions at The Addy in Wythenshawe.

I’m proud of my area and the vital work that MYL does within it. I think the unique opportunities for free-play offered by the adventure playgrounds are a force for uniting local people. It helps communities and young people realise just how great they can be.”

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Kaleef Pearson, Junior Playworker and Young Volunteer

Kaleef Pearson

I’ve been coming to the Addy since I was five years old, and I became a Junior Playworker when I was eight. I love my role and I enjoy it all. I love working on the structures, working with the swings and the equipment, and because I’m a big kid, I like the playing!

If the Addy wasn’t here then I’d be sat at home, bored out of my head. But that’s me. I know it keeps a lot of kids off the streets, and out of trouble. That’s definitely true for me, as it’s kept me out of the kind of trouble I would get into when I was younger.

My brothers have come here, my friends have come here. The Addy is a big part of my life. I want to get as many kids coming on here as possible. And if it ever had to close down then I’d do everything I could to keep it open!

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