Youth Engagement

Many of the young people who grow up attending our play sessions make the transition to our youth work programmes. Our sessions for young people between the ages of 13 and 24 provide a stable and positive environment and tackle wider issues such as anti-social behaviour, gang culture and substance abuse. A key focus for 16-24’s is to support a successful transition into further education, training and employment.

Our youth engagement workers relate to the young people within their communities with a targeted, street based approach to engagement, alongside centre based activities. Our street-based engagement allows our staff to connect with those who are further from mainstream programmes and are often the hardest to reach and work with. Our model is based on developing a trusting relationship, mentoring support, brokerage and guidance around further opportunities, training and development, and support to sustain re-engagement.

We promote active citizenship through participation in our workshops in employability skills, sexual health, personal responsibility, substance abuse and addressing anti-social behaviours. Our youth work staff have strong partnerships and work collaboratively with agencies such as youth offending teams, police, fire service, schools and wider voluntary groups such as Brook and Lifeline.

By focusing on those with a potential to be affected by negative behaviours, MYL offers an alternative, an opportunity for personal development that is vital to young people. Our youth engagement work is focused on reconnecting those young people who have become disconnected with mainstream services so they can realise their full potential.