Kaleef Pearson, Junior Playworker and Young Volunteer

Kaleef Pearson

I’ve been coming to the Addy since I was five years old, and I became a Junior Playworker when I was eight. I love my role and I enjoy it all. I love working on the structures, working with the swings and the equipment, and because I’m a big kid, I like the playing!

If the Addy wasn’t here then I’d be sat at home, bored out of my head. But that’s me. I know it keeps a lot of kids off the streets, and out of trouble. That’s definitely true for me, as it’s kept me out of the kind of trouble I would get into when I was younger.

My brothers have come here, my friends have come here. The Addy is a big part of my life. I want to get as many kids coming on here as possible. And if it ever had to close down then I’d do everything I could to keep it open!